Martha Layne Collins High School

Shelby County Board of Education · Shelbyville, Kentucky
Energy Star



Small Learning Communities

Shelby County Schools sought to create a new high-performance, energy efficient school to enhance the learning environment for its students at Martha Layne Collins High School (MLCHS). The first school, on this new three-school campus, MLCHS is designed for 1500 students. Recognizing the need to develop schools that support teaching and learning, MLCHS is planned around small learning communities. Within these communities, classrooms are organized into three groups which are subdivided further by vertically arranging them on separate floors to create smaller learning environments within the larger school. This provides the students a more intimate experience and the administration flexibility in management of the school.

Each community is connected to the school by large, easily supervised, open areas of circulation throughout the school. These open areas are places where students can collaborate on a variety of group projects. These areas support the non-directed learning that occurs between structured instructional periods can take place in a way that supports positive social interaction.

A school wide wireless network provides access to virtual learning resources throughout, seamlessly integrating them with the physical learning space.

Classrooms are oriented towards the south giving them optimal natural light. The natural light provides a healthy environment which improves student performance and reduces energy use.

This new campus also features a state-of-the-art athletic complex to support and enhance the county’s many athletic programs.



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