Marshall County High School Renovation & Expansion

Marshall County Schools, Benton, Kentucky

Rendering of the New Marshall County High School



Learning Centered Design

The Marshall County High School Renovation will provide a safer, more attractive and more functional school for teaching and learning. The scope of renovations address various levels of need throughout the school, however, it emphasizes re-imagining how the existing school’s large community and assembly spaces are used by the faculty and students completely renovating the central Student Commons, the existing Cafeteria and the Media Center. A new front entrance and bus canopy will incorporate a security vestibule monitored from the expanded administration suite while updating the exterior appearance of the building. In addition to these programmatic changes, the project also includes replacing the existing roof which has exceeded its expected life cycle and stair renovations will address existing stair guardrail systems which do not satisfy current design requirements.

Site improvements will be limited to the new front entrance and the associated bus lane and canopy. MEP scope includes HVAC upgrades, lighting replacement, plumbing fixture overhaul, fire alarm and bell system replacement, and expansion of the existing sprinkler system so that the entire school is fully protected.

In an effort to stretch the District’s bonding capacity while maximizing the scope of the project, Sherman Carter Barnhart Architects, with the assistance of Marcum Engineering, has helped coordinate a concurrent Energy Savings Contract to offset some of the necessary Mechanical and Electrical renovations. This strategy has allowed the traditional project scope to focus on life safety, programmatic and interior finishes renovations without significantly expanding the budget.

Sherman Carter Barnhart engaged the faculty and staff at the High School to tackle the challenges presented with completing a project of this complexity in a timely manner and while the building is occupied. A phased construction schedule was developed to guide the project towards completion with a primary goal to not hamper the faculty while they work to educate students at a high level as construction activities are ongoing around them.


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