LaRue County High School Addition

LaRue County Schools, Hodgenville, Kentucky

proposed new gymnasium

Proposed new gymnasium


A Safer Solution: A New Gymnasium

LaRue County High School was constructed in 1993 without a gymnasium. Since that time, the high school has been utilizing the middle school gymnasium for both physical education and athletic event, requiring students to walk across a parking lot for P.E. class, compromising their safety on a daily basis.

The proposed new gymnasium is an innovative solution to a budgetary dilemma. While the district desired to have a seating capacity of at least 1,500, the budget would only allow for a gymnasium that could seat the student capacity. In turn, Sherman Carter Barnhart designed a solution that will allow the district to expand the gymnasium in the future into a two story space with 1,850 bleacher seating capacity and a walking track. The roof structure of the one story ancillary spaces are designed to carry a future second story structural load and the foundations are designed to carry the capacity of the future two story gymnasium walls. The restrooms are also sized to accommodate the future upper level seating capacity.

The facility will also be multi-use, giving the district the best value for their investment. A lobby and concessions on the south side of the gymnasium will serve as the entry point and pre-function space for the gymnasium, as well as for baseball games and football/soccer/track and field events.

A Fitness and Weight Room is proposed on the east side of the gymnasium, which will enable the school to offer fitness and weight lifting curriculum to students. The space is also designed to be accessible to the general public for after hours use.

With the existing concrete football stadium being over 50 years old, a new football stadium was a necessity for the safety of the students, staff, and community. The new 1,200 seat pre-engineered bleachers include a chair back seating section for fund raising, and a new press box with viewing deck above. The new bleachers are also ADA accessible unlike the existing football stadium.

Last but certainly not least is the new 2,000 square foot greenhouse. LaRue County is one of the first districts to pursue aquaponics for both curriculum and as a potential revenue generator. The aquaponics system in the greenhouse will yield produce and fish that can be served in the school district’s cafeterias and sold to the general public.

Creative thinking and innovative solutions yielded through collaboration with the Owner insured the project met the needs of the district both now and in the future.


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