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Outdoor two-story breezeways and grand staircase

Outdoor two-story breezeways and grand staircase



Creative Arts Living Learning Program

Holmes and Boyd Residence Halls is a 4.7 acre community consisting of two, seven story residence halls, and a central courtyard thoughtfully designed around the historical Patterson Hall, which serves as the center of the development.

Located at the northeast corner of South Limestone and Avenue of Champions, the site provided an opportunity to activate a corner within a hub of student and pedestrian activity, as well as design a signature gateway building, tying the north side of the University of Kentucky campus with the urban center of Lexington. With extensive outdoor plazas and gathering spaces, Holmes Hall successfully promotes an inviting and collaborative atmosphere.

The design and details of Holmes & Boyd Hall evolved through the influence of the varied architectural vernacular of the area. Adjacent to numerous retail and dining institutions, as well as historic campus buildings, and at the cusp of downtown Lexington, the exterior façade creates a strong architectural connection between both the historical and the urban environs. Brick, limestone and metal panels play an important role in the exterior of the new residence halls. The use of brick, both in color and application, successfully blend with the adjacent historic buildings, while metal panels tie the residence halls to the urban edge of downtown. As the focal point of the north campus corridor, a prominent glass corner tower and sculptural canopy illuminated with “UK blue” and color-changeable lighting, distinctly establishes the residential development as the gateway to north campus.

Holmes Hall houses 645 students in private two-bedroom suites. Boyd Hall accommodates 496 students, offering 48 private two-bedroom suites and 100 four-bedroom apartment style units with kitchenettes.

Numerous living learning spaces are interspersed throughout both residence halls to promote student collaboration. Social spaces are strategically located within each building, to provide sweeping views of downtown Lexington and throughout north campus. Each residence hall also features five community kitchens/lounges, high tech laundry facilities, and the latest wireless and satellite technology. The living environment is enhanced with work by local Kentucky artists scattered throughout the lobbies and public spaces.

Outdoor two-story breezeways, an outdoor grand staircase, as well as interior lobbies, and elevators provide easy access to the central courtyard shared by Holmes and Boyd Halls and the historic Patterson Hall.

As the home of the Creative Arts Living Learning Program, Holmes Hall offers a 7,800 SF space providing areas for group interaction and collaboration, as well as spaces for individual creative process. The Creative Arts Living Learning Center includes four solo music practice rooms, ensemble music practice room, performance studio with projection and capabilities for dance, music and theatre, art studio, and two writing studios/lounges, locker rooms, and offices.

Holmes Hall also includes a full service restaurant.


Congrats to Vivian Perry, the deputy executive director of the Kingston Housing Authority, for winning the Sherman Carter Barnhart Amazon card at the SERC-NAHRO Annual Conference! ... See MoreSee Less

12 hours ago

Congrats to Vivian Perry, the deputy executive director of the Kingston Housing Authority, for winning the Sherman Carter Barnhart Amazon card at the SERC-NAHRO Annual Conference!

IGNITED is the perfect name for Asbury’s campaign for its future, and Sherman Carter Barnhart is proud to be a part of it.

The Collaborative Learning Center project, a central part of that campaign, has ignited a passion for creating new collaborations on campus. The building offers design and spaces where 21st Century Education principles can thrive.

The more than 50,000-square-foot building will house the Howard and Beverly Dayton School of Business and the School of Science, Health & Mathematics. The facility will include labs and classrooms, conference rooms, a sales training center, an entrepreneurial group work room, faculty offices, an atrium and auditorium and more.

To read more about the design and SCB’s role in the project, click here: bit.ly/2LhYZ5T.

And to read more about Asbury's celebrations of the new building this weekend, click here: bit.ly/2YaGeoe

BE SURE to watch Asbury’s inspiring video in this post.

What a great project!
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After Jan. 1, 2019, KBC will require all new schools to incorporate a tornado storm shelter. Sherman Carter Barnhart Architects ha...
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