CMTA Engineers Office Building

Lexington, Kentucky
LEED Platinum Certified

CMTA  Engineers Office Building

CMTA  Engineers Office Building



The CMTA  Engineers Office Building is a two-story, 11,750 square foot building designed and constructed to LEED® Platinum standards and received a perfect ENERGY STAR score of 100. This is the first LEED® Platinum building in Lexington and the first LEED® Platinum office building in Kentucky.

Special features include Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) walls, geothermal heating and cooling (700 square feet/ton), daylighting (windows), solar photovoltaics and solar powered internally actuated diffusers that adjust the air flow pattern depending on a call for heating or cooling.

A variable speed geothermal heat pump system and decentralized pumping is provided to air condition the building. Ten 350 feet deep vertical wells with 1” piping provide 17 tons (700 square foot/ton) of capacity to accommodate the heat sink for the 11,750 square foot building. The building is provided with 14.5 tons (750 square foot/ton) of air conditioning equipment. All heat pumps over half‐ton capacity are high-efficiency variable speed with decentralized variable flow pumping system.

The lighting systems in the building are designed to support the energy goals of the project, while improving the work environment and complementing the architectural design. The lighting systems consume only .56 watts/square foot. LED task lighting is provided at all work stations.

CMTA has carefully documented the cost of targeted LEED credits in order to demonstrate to clients how to cost effectively pursue LEED.  Because the firm managed the entire LEED process, staff is better able to communicate to clients and building owners the benefits of LEED and how to accomplish LEED in the most cost effective manner.

This building is designed to provide ‘real world’ operating data for its high performance systems to CMTA engineers. Several of the MEP systems have meters to allow for detailed measurement and verification of the building’s performance. This will enable staff to demonstrate the effectiveness of the systems to clients.


Amazing project for the future of the Russell County Students.Progress continues on the Lake Cumberland Regional College & Workforce Center! The building (under construction by Branscum Construction Company, Inc) is beginning to resemble the design rendering by Sherman Carter Barnhart Architects. The center is being constructed on the grounds of Russell County High School but will be a resource for the entire region. The center is expected to serve 2,215 high school students and 620 adults in all five primary Kentucky Workforce Investment Board sectors — advanced manufacturing, healthcare, technology, construction trades, and transportation. If you are not familiar with this project and how it will impact our regional workforce learn more on our website: ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Amazing project for the future of the Russell County Students.

We’ve truly enjoyed getting to know Hannah. She’s been a great addition to our team!Hannah Chalfant is with Sherman Carter Barnhart firm in Lexington this summer completing her internship. Nice color scheme Hannah. ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

We’ve truly enjoyed getting to know Hannah. She’s been a great addition to our team!


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