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Pimlico Apartments, located in suburban south Lexington, offers expansive lawns that create a park-life feel for its residents. Riddled with aging systems and structural deterioration, the buildings were literally falling apart. In 2013, with funding from HUDs 1 Rental Assistance Demonstration program, the Lexington Housing Authority began the revitalization of this property transforming the site into the new Centre Meadows.

Since 1987, Sherman Carter Barnhart has worked with the Lexington Housing Authority on the renovation and de-densification of the Pimlico Apartment site. This transformative design focuses on rejuvenating the interior and exterior of all 11 buildings/206 units, as well as improving upon the park-like setting to create the new Centre Meadows.

Interior renovations of the 206 units includes the design of new bathrooms and kitchens, the addition of washer and dryer closets, as well as new paint, flooring, plumbing, and finishes installed throughout the buildings.

These improvements elevate Centre Meadows to compete with other privately-owned developments. To increase the overall energy efficiency of the apartments, Energy Star Certified HVAC systems will be installed and metal windows will be replaced with Energy Star Certified vinyl windows.

Exterior improvements include the removal and replacement of the brick veneer with a combination of new brick, faux stone, and pre-finished siding. To improve both the safety and ascetics of the breezeways, flooring, stairs, and wall finishes will be replaced, and some of the breezeways will be enclosed.

To improve upon the park-like setting, new railings will be installed, and known stormwater drainage issues will be resolved with the extensive use of permeable pavers in the parking lots, to improve drainage, water quality and reduced the number of water retention basins.


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