Blazer Hall

University of Kentucky
LEED Silver Certified

Student Lounge and Community Space



North Campus Redevelopment

Blazer Hall, formerly Champions Court II is part of the ongoing efforts by the University of Kentucky and Education Realty Trust to revitalize the on-campus housing. It is a continuation of the North Campus Residence Halls development, and houses 427 students.

The five-story building offers private two bedroom suites along with private four bedroom suites interspersed with living learning/study spaces and social gathering seating areas in at least three locations on each floor, some with prominent views to the central courtyard shared with Jewell Hall, the Joe Craft Center, and the North Campus. The residence hall includes one community kitchen and high-tech laundry facilities. The living environment is enhanced with work by local Kentucky artists scattered throughout the lobbies and public spaces. The prominent entry tower is equipped with UK blue lighting that will shine on special occasions. The residence hall incorporates the latest technologies including wireless internet and satellite connection to enhance the living experience for today’s modern students.

Blazer Hall is LEED Silver Certified. Bike racks are scattered throughout the site to encourage sustainability.


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