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A principal in the firm, and a leader in school planning and design, Kenny focuses on the innovative application of sustainable design strategies in schools. Kenny’s creative and optimistic approach to every project enables him to transform ideas into reality, looking at a project’s entirety while paying attention to every detail along the way. This skill set proved beneficial when challenged to design the 1st Net Zero Energy School in the U.S. Now in its 10th year of operation, Richardsville Elementary, continues to produce more energy than it uses, putting the doubts to rest. His second Net Zero Energy School opened in August ’18, with 13 Net Zero Ready schools in design, under construction or in operation.

When he’s not designing schools, Kenny enjoys spending time on his other passions, which includes his love for cars & his passion for collecting sci-fi movie memorabilia.  When you stop by the office, you can see his “Lost in Space” lunchbox from the 60’s, multiple spaceship models (including Forbidden Planet, Jupiter 2, & Firefly), as well as almost every Bigfoot DVD released to date!  Kenny also enjoys spending time with his wife Angela, his two daughters and son, and of course his adorable grandson Max!


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