Board Reviews New Lone Oak Middle School, Garage Plans

David Snow

The Paducah Sun

On Monday, September 10th, Sherman Carter Barnhart Architects brought proposed designs of the new Lone Oak Middle School to the McCracken County School District board and discussed plans for the school district’s bus garage.

Working with the district selected design team of current and previous Lone Oak Middle School (LOMS) instructors and department heads, a workshop was held to discuss the needs of the new school and the bus garage. Project manager Holly King gathered input from the design team regarding the needs of the cafeteria, band room, gymnasium and other school areas.

Prior to the start of the new LOMS construction, the bus garage has to be relocated on the property, therefore the focus has been on completing the drawings for the new 12,000-square-foot bus garage. The garage will feature six bays (with two lifts for buses and one for smaller vehicles) in the back of the building and offices in the front. The bays will feature large overhead fans and a ventilation system.

Sherman Carter Barnhart’s goal is to advertise for bids for the bus garage by the middle of October.

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featured image courtesy of Paducah Sun. 


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