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Going Green

Sherman Carter Barnhart Green Mission Statement

"All Sherman Carter Barnhart’s projects are guided by a high performance building philosophy. Through our integrated green design, we create innovative, sustainable design solutions. As good stewards of the environment, we design buildings to meet our clients' needs while focusing on the goals of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility."

 LEED Certified

As members of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and with 20 LEED Accredited Professionals on staff, Sherman Carter Barnhart can answer your questions about green and sustainable design. Our LEED AP's include architects, landscape architects, civil engineers, interior designers, and construction administrators. Whether or not you choose to register and pursue LEED credits, each of our project teams include LEED AP’s that are knowledgeable about and work with each client regarding the best way to achieve your sustainable goals.


Net Zero Schools

Sherman Carter Barnhart designed the nation’s first Net Zero Energy public school, Richardsville Elementary, located in Warren County (Bowling Green, KY). To achieve Net Zero, Sherman Carter Barnhart aggressively examined all possible avenues and identified 6 major areas to reduce energy usage. These include:

  1. High Performance Building Envelope
  2. Active Daylighting
  3. Geothermal HVAC
  4. Alternate Renewable Energy Source - Photovoltaic Array Supplying over 300kw of power
  5. Efficient Kitchen Cooking Strategies
  6. Operations and Maintenance Plan

Realizing not all schools have the resources available for alternative renewal energy sources, Sherman Carter Barnhart has also created a zero ready design for schools. The first net zero ready school, Bristow Elementary, and Jody Richards Elementary, both in Warren County, include the solar panel infrastructure that will allow the photovoltaic array to be easily added in the future, thereby, one day achieving Net Zero Energy. In addition, Sherman Carter Barnhart has designed two net zero achievable schools. The first, Flaherty Primary, Meade County Schools, Brandenburg and the second, Ezra B Sparrow Early Learning Center, Anderson County Schools, Lawrenceburg; operate at 21.7 kBtus/SF/YR and 25 kBtus/SF/YR respectively, this means with the additional of an alternative energy source both schools are ready to achieve net zero!


Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

Presently, Sherman Carter Barnhart has designed more than 18 projects pursuing some level of LEED certification. This includes, the first Kentucky school,Wilmore Elementary, Jessamine County Schools, Wilmore which is pursuing LEED EB (LEED certified Existing Building) as well as the the first public housing development in Kentucky to be LEED for Homes certified, HC Mathis Homes, Paducah Housing Authority. 


Energy Star Projects

Energy Star Compliant Design

Sherman Carter Barnhart designed the first four energy star projects awarded in Kentucky, and now has 67 projects displaying the ENERGY STAR or Design to Earn ENERGY STAR certification, as well as 976 ENERGY STAR certified homes.


Energy Efficiency Leader

  • Richardsville Elementary, Warren County, is the most energy efficient school in operation in Kentucky. Now entering its second year of service, the school operates at 18.2 kBtus per square foot annually with NO ENERGY COSTS. In addition, Warren County Schools was paid $37,277.31 from their energy provider!
  •  Furthermore, 5 of the most energy efficient schools in operation, in Kentucky, are designed by Sherman Carter Barnhart. They include:


District kBtu’s/SF Annually
Jody Richards Elementary Warren County 16.6 
Richardsville Elementary Warren County 18.2
Bristow Elementary Warren County 19.5
Flaherty Primary Meade County 21.7
Ezra B. Sparrow Early Learning Center  Anderson County 25
  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) honored Sherman Carter Barnhart with the Energy Star Leadership in Housing Award, for having designed 433 units of Energy Star homes at Liberty Green Housing Development, Louisville Metro Housing Authority, KY.


Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Projects

The ICF system provides increased building envelope insulation, quick erection, and significant storm resistance, all in one integrated building system. Sherman Carter Barnhart has designed:

  • The first public school in Kentucky utilizing insulated concrete form technology
  • Largest ICF Facility in United States - South Warren Middle School / High School is the largest ICF designed facility in North America, totaling 336,000 square feet, and features ICF construction for not only the exterior building envelope, but also the interior load bearing walls.
  • The first public library in Kentucky
  • Over 25 projects featuring this building technology
  • More ICF buildings in the nation than any other architectural firm